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A planet called Gomon is discovered by humans in the future when there is interstellar space travel. A crystal-rich area is found and a mining camp established. It is mainly robotic, but they hire a few of the local aliens, who look like humans but grow out of flowers, to help keep it up.

The prince of the northern empire on this planet is kidnapped by bandits and taken to this camp in disguise and made to work there. He sabotages a machine and a mechanic from Earth is sent to fix it. The prince then reveals his identity to the mechanic and he helps the prince send a distress signal to his parents.

His parents initiate a rescue mission. There is a good reward; if the rescuer is male, he will recieve a large amount of land rich in food plants, if the rescuer is female, she will get to marry the prince.

Two rescuers pan out, and compete with each other, the chief of the army of the northerners, and a nomad princess from the south. The princess rescues him, because she has knowledge of the creatures that can help her. The chief of the army is then sent to escort her to the emperor's palace for the wedding, but she instead kidnaps the princess and sends her into a heavy industry area of the empire. The army also revolts.

The prince and his family rescue the family garden and start searching for the princess, who starts a union for the workers in the industry area. They finally are reunited and put down the army revolt with the help of the southern countries.

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The Gomoni are sentient creatures that look human but grow on plants. On there planet, there is a large Northern Empire, but south of the Equator there are a few different groups. This is about to change.

The "humans that grow on plants" are Gomoni, sometimes mispronounced Gnome by Humans, and they have 3 parts in their life cycle - Gomoni, where they can walk around and do things, Shrum, a defensive state, and Ghatfleur, the reproductive, flowering state which produces pollen and new Gomoni, which comes out of the Shrums if they aren't peeled back in to Gomoni.

The groups are Northies (Northern Empire), Gowerks (Gomoni Workers Union), Kreetars (Creature Preservation Society), Nogoops (A Luddite-ish group), Litebulbs (Gomoni Tech Institute), Bandits, Nomads, and the Interplanetary Mining Company base made by humans.


The northies territory is almost the whole northern hemisphere of the planet (which is called Gomon, by the way)... It is somewhat mediterranean in climate. They have the largest army on the planet and a lot of mechanical devices. They favor mechas over creatures, and are somewhat despotic to their people... except for the Prince and his followers.

There are the Northy Imperials, led by the Prince and his followers, and Northy Militants, led by the Army Chief who is sent to rescue him


The Gowerks are the commoners in the East of the Northern Hemisphere that have risen up and created their own government. When the nomad princess that saved the Imperial Prince is kidnapped by her competitor (who is the Army chief) she escapes into this region and becomes their leader


They are the most technological group, lots of mechas and some interesting Gomoni units as well. They have shield generators and rocket hoppers, etc.They have a small area in the Southern Hemisphere (which is rich in resources, but not in water (actually the water on Gomon is resource-rich slime which plays a role in the game)) where they have the Gomoni Tech Institute. Other groups sometimes buy stuff from them but must have people trained by them in order to use the new techs. They are neutral politically, a technologically advanced group with only economic ties to the other factions.


They are opposed to the use of Goop, a mix of the Brap (what they call the slime in the rivers, etc) and a tree sap that is also a resource. Goop is a stinging, stinky liquid used by some groups for defense. The Nogoops are the most diplomatic and do not have a standing army or the technology to build one.


They claim one of the most resource-rich areas of the southern hemisphere and domesticate a lot of creatures. They are friendly with the nomads and Tech Institute (Litebulbs).


They are very rough... seminomadic, they live in caves, canyons, and eyries. The bandits use dragons and other creatures and do not use many mechas.


They are where the princess who saves the northie prince comes from... they have some tech but move around a lot. Nomads are more peaceful and helpful than the bandits, and use mechas more than creatures. They live in tents or even vehicles.

Humans (Interplanetary Mining Co)

Humans have a small claim on a crystal-high area. A few Gomoni work here, some like the prince are kidnapped and brought here. Mostly robots are here, and the humans don't bother the Gomoni, just mine the crystal. They visited and found that the crystals on the planet were rich in valuable minerals so they have a small area of land to which they have mineral rights.

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Object Type Object Name Required to train/build Description Tech Level
Building Ghatfleur 100 Lappersap, Worker Gomoni Creates Worker Gomoni 1
Building Thornbush 150 Lappersap. 50 Brap, 50 Knowledge, Thornbush Seed, Brainiaker Trains Gomoni for other Jobs  
Building Brainiaker 50 ea. Crystal, Lappersap, Talup Gathers Knowledge Resource
Building Eye 25 ea. Crystal, Sweetmist, Eye Seed Watchtower  
Building Cornucopia 75 Crystal Storage
Building Toadstool 40 Talup, Crystal, Toadstool Piece Housing (need 1 every 5 units)  
Building Reformer 100 ea. Natural Resource Heals units w/ no strength left
Building Bramble Wall 10 Lappersap, Brap per 1 tile, Thornbush Seed to start, Brainiaker Basic wall  
Gomoni Class Walker 50 Lappersap Standard Walking Worker
Gomoni Unit Worker Standardly built from GhatfleurÉ must pick a class Worker Unit  
Gomoni Unit Netter 15 Lappersap, Worker Gomoni, Thornbush, Brainiaker Catches other units for ransom
Gomoni Unit Runner 10 Sweetmist, Worker Gomoni, Thornbush, Brainaker Scout Unit  
Gomoni Unit Jester 10 Brap, Worker Gomoni, Thornbush, Brainiaker Distracts opponents
Technology Bucketbar 100 Knowledge, Brainiaker Allows Workers to carry more  
NOTE: Tech Level is same if not noted.
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