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Gnomegnation will be an innovative Science Fantasy Real Time Strategy Game using Anime-style graphics and the Stratagus game engine.

Based on a world with such oddities as plant-based sentient lifeforms, gaseous creatures, and trees with faucets, this exciting and innovative game will offer singleplayer and multiplayer action with interesting options such as Nurona Hunt, Flag King, dynamic campaigns for the 9 groups of the world, and a whole slew of other game options.

So, come on in and journey to the planet Gomon! You'll have a great time!

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We need people to help with Scripts.

We use C and LUA, it is pretty easy to learn and we can help you out some.

The Earthling Mechanic Contest is still ongoing, with two entries so far.

2 New Contests:

We now have a CVS repository up and working... we are using Battle of Survival (another Stratagus dataset) as a template but we have already modified a few things and the game is going to be available pretty soon (we hope ;) )

We need a good name for the Female Mechanic from Earth in Gnomegnation. This contest is open to all, not just project members.

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